About Us

Frank Wright,
with ZK-BVR

Our first aircraft restoration was carried out on Cessna 180 ZK-BGO in 1990 originally for personal use, however upon completion was sold to its current owners (who continue to enjoy this aircraft, which is still flying here in New Zealand).

Wrightair New Zealand purchases all project aircraft outright, as this allows us to carry out the work which we consider necessary to present the finished aircraft to a very high standard. We do some 'customer work', however complete restoration projects are our main focus.

Since that first project back in 1990, we have completed many other restorations of various aircraft utility types, including:

These aircraft have all passed through our workshop and have received varying degrees of restoration work carried out to them, ranging from simple paint and upholstery refurbishment, to complete and major overhaul of the entire airframes.

All of the De Havilland Beaver aircraft which have been restored by Wrightair NZ, had from factory new, began their lives as Crop Dusting aircraft, operating in Ghana, Australia and New Zealand, and upon completion have all been exported to new owners in Australia, Canada, USA and Germany.
All of our restored and exported Beavers have ended up being set up as float planes, being operated in both commercial and private capacities.